My children often help me to see the world through a fresh pair of eyes and question things I previously thought I knew for certain.

When my six-year-old daughter brought home a lengthy list of grammatical terms that she will need to know for her SATS tests, I decided this was a good time to give myself a refresher course.

If you want to test your skills against a seven-year-old click here

Correct grammar has a vital role to play in clear communication and yet different publications can have their own style guides.  

Here are a few sites which I found useful and interesting:

1. Download a free grammar app. A useful tool to keep you on the straight and narrow.

2. Is it OK to start a sentence with “And”?  Read more here 10 grammar rules its OK to break (sometimes)

3. The Government is…. or the Government are…. find out here

4. Just one many comma dilemmas…. the comma splice

5. I love local dialect. I couldn’t understand it when I went to university and no one could understand what I meant when I was mafted … As a reporter, it is the genuine quotes, written in ungrammatical, local dialect that can have the most impact and I would never change them. I enjoyed this video on Pitmatic here:

6.Can you pass the grammar test for 11-year-olds?

Try it here

7. An argument in favour of the teaching of grammar:

Importance of Grammar

8. How English grammar is explained to non-native speakers

Guide to English Grammar

9. The mystery of journalese

10. Back to school… or university Grammar tutorial

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