_20160118_230054I love a ‘long read’ and really enjoyed this interview by Journal business writer Coreena Ford with engineer and entrepreneur John Reece, chairman of our client Reece Group.

Times are tough for the manufacturing industry, especially in oil and gas. But this was a balanced view, I thought, touching upon both the difficult challenges firms face, but also the drive and ambition that is needed for success.

The digital opportunities of online news bring many benefits, but it is hard to dispute the visual impact of this two-page spread, which was also plugged on the front page of the paper.  This image, featuring a striking photograph by Simon Greener, is from the digital edition, which still packs a punch compared to the website version, in my view.

For me, there seems to be something about seeing an article in print that encourages me to keep on reading until the end, without getting distracted and clicking onto the next story or being sidetracked by another link. You can read the article online here:

Fresh Challenges in the Workshop of the World