henpower4AN older people’s charity in Gateshead has taken the number one spot in a recent Observer feature on ways to tackle loneliness.

Regularly contending with larger charities to be heard, but with a lot to say on the social issue of supporting people to age well, it was a significant achievement.

Those reading The New Review and its 12-page feature on loneliness were given a top 10 of how to help tackle the issue.

Leading the piece was a photo synonymous with the charity’s HenPower project and a write up with Equal Arts’ co-director emphasising their key messages.

There was no ‘sell-in’ to news desks and no large budgets spent on Search Engine Optimisation or online advertising.

Helping secure this enviable coverage was regular, interesting content on the charity’s website, relevant to its cause and work.

Not reams of text or hours spent at the computer, but about 250 words each week alongside interesting images and videos with links to other sources.

Importantly there was also a good dose of understanding the needs of the media and a willingness to meet these needs at short notice.

Quality content shouldn’t be underestimated. It keeps your audience and customers up-to-date with developments, gives them reasons to revisit your website and can help establish you as an expert in your field.

Creating content doesn’t need to be a slog to be effective. As with Equal Arts, it can secure your place in search engine results putting you at the figure tips of those wanting to find out about your area of work.

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