If you want to find out more about how a PR campaign could grow your organisation or business we would love to meet to discuss ideas. But to get the most out of the first meeting, it can be helpful to do some preparation in advance. Here are some of the things we recommend thinking about before we meet:

  • Think about why you want PR. What do you hope it will achieve?
  • Try to focus on who is your ideal customer. The more detail you can provide the better – down to their name, age, what they like to read and things they would like to find out about. The more information we have, the better chance we have of engaging them on your behalf.
  • Think about the publications or media outlets you would like to appear in – think big! It is part of our job to manage your expectations, but there is nothing wrong with aiming high. If they are specialist publications, bring them along and show us the kind of pages where you want to be seen.
  • What is your budget? PR is very cost effective compared to advertising, so that can be a good place to start in thinking how much you are prepared to pay each month on this aspect of your marketing campaign. We aim to be flexible – and can adapt our services to your budget, but we do need to invest time in creating successful PR campaigns and our prices reflect this. Read more about PR vs advertising here
  • Be prepared to answer lots of questions – I mean lots of questions. It’s not just that we are nosy parkers (well maybe we are too), but as well as building up a picture of you and your organisation, we are looking for those news angles and hooks that will jump out and grab the attention of the media. We also want to sing your praises on your behalf and to do that we really need to understand what you’re about.
  • Don’t expect an instant “press release”. If time is of the essence we can ensure a fast turnaround – as ex-journos we’re used to working on tight deadlines – but a significant amount of the work that goes into an effective “PR campaign” is planning and research.
  • Think about images. Good quality photography of the people involved in the story is vital in gaining coverage in the media – video footage is even better.

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